Saturday, May 06, 2006

The height of hysteria!!

This post is fully dedicated to the tv show that has in recent times made me run for cover.
Aired at the most prime time slot in the most watched channel in tamil, thats the
thaga thaga thaga thaga "THANGA VETTAI" for you.
And those of you who come up with the yaarukumilladha akkarai asking " Why did u watch it If it was so boring??" , the author did try to change the mind of the adamant relative who insisted on watching the show and ended up going thru this 30 minutes of terror( partly coz i dint kno much abt it and partly coz with nothing better to do i had to live with it)
Normally any game show can be reviewed according to three criteria.
1.The compere
2.The rules and the prize money.

And the show fails in all aspects.....
1. the compere ramya's histrionics resemble a person escaped from mental asylum half way thru the treatment.
The cry she lets out makes u think as if some one nailed her . I pity the aged persons who participate and who watch the show.
2.The rules are as silly as if the sun tv network have some smuggled gold which they are desparately adamant on giving( read throwing) away.
The question for three grams of gold was " how many colours are there in the rainbow?"
and lo the Derek 'O brien question was cracked and amidst all the heaving and sighing the participant walked away with three grams of gold.
3.The only element of thrill in the whole show is that u never know wen ramya will shout like a maniac making ur mom throw away the paathram from her hand, leaving u with one hand on the remote .
The participants over act and the false tension irritates you so much that u infer them to be constipated.

The worst part is wen a lady amongst the participant ask every week about the saree and jewellery ramya is wearing and she painfully explains abt the gujarati emroidery in the mysore silk with kanchipuram border matched by the american diamond necklace embeddded with ruby stones....Phew.

And i wont blame sun tv as long as people like these exist.

P.S Another show though of different genre , star vijay's super singer is really worth the watch.
The talent hunt promises both thrill and entertainment as the judge's decision to whether to select a participant or not is a bolt out of the blue.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The farewell sans fanfare!!

The best thing about our college is that the management organize every event that is held in the college and singly share the credit of making a mess out of it!
The tradition of seniors getting the farewell from the juniors is rewritten here as the management comes out in full force to make the day as worst as possible. Though there was a lot of money pumped in for stage decoration et al, the necessary element of cheerfulness and enthusiasm was missing as the event was cut out to be a formal one.
Compared to the farewell that our seniors had last year (which was the best farewell any batch from this college could have)inspite of the rains , this year's farewell stands out like a mere formality.The so called special lunch for the day was one of the worst food i ever had here.

The farewell started at somewhere around 2 pm( wat a timing!!) with the only amusement of the day, the speech by our chairman. This was followed by our juniors dancing to some numbers and that was it !
Lo and before any one could realise, the so called farewell was over and we were driven back home.
The only thing worthy of the day was the photos that we all friends took at all the places where we could amuse ourselves during the maddening days at this college, and where else could it be other than the toilet where we could laugh out and have good times!
But the happiness that this day marks the nearing of my last day at this college made me forget everything else!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

The typical big brother kinda act..

The latest news revolving around the most controversial company and the darling of the media google is quite an interesting one..

Google is facing a law suit from the us justice department on the grounds that it has failed to comply with US govt in providing the details of the browsing habits of million random users.

While yahoo and AOL complied, google refused to citing the privacy rules.

This comes in a stark contrast to various google products like Google earth reportedly violating privacy of users.
Even the latest product of google, the GDrive is in a storm as it reportedly copies contents from users hard disks.
Whoa, who ever will want to use it ?
This rings a bell to the novel Digital fortress by dan brown where there is a huge decoder that cracks every possible email communication .
So next time u send a mail, the recipient might not be only the intended person ..
Oops, Uncle sam is listening!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The travails of a chennaite

Chennai has always been branded by many as one of those conservative cities where variety in entertainment is really scarce. Now that iam uttterly jobless and desperately seeking variety in spending my leisure time (which is of course , the whole day for me) the moment of truth is here. Nothing has been taking so much mainstream in entertainment other than cinema here and we are destined mostly to tamil cinema,thanks to CAS and the poilitics around it. And boy , the year 2006 can very well be termed as the driest patch.
Starting with aadhi, nothing has been working this year. And seeing them bite the dust after a larger than life hype has been my favourite past time. Punch dialogues , super man stunts and crappy stories(if there is any) are becoming the true villains of kollywood.I think i should resort to torrents full time like our mama(moo)who thinks movies are made at a slower rate than he could possibly download.Bolly wood seemed to undergo a similar period last year, but this year has been pretty good with RDB soaring high.
My typical day is spent in the infinite loop of orkutting, mail checking and browsing. Of course over sleeping and variety food are taken for granted.
So wats the essence of this post? Mebbe to prove the frustration of a pissed off chennaite who is denied of his right to english channels,mebbe iam pissed off after watching these so called mega movies, or mebbe it has been 10 days since i posted.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The pandora’s box that’s BSNL

Touted as the india’s largest telecom service provider, BSNL doesn’t live up to its name( as if it had any!)

I personally don’t believe in bashing up of the PSU’s coz nothing would come out of it.
But the red tape is strangling me from time to time inspite of my repeated efforts.
I happened to take the data one services under the home 500 plan three months ago.
The service offers a 2am to 8am free internet and using that has landed me in a continous spate of problems. During the first month I dint use much of the so called free internet. From the second month , my bills started going bizarre. There was a huge increase in my bill amount. The reason, I have been billed for my free usage. The excess billing alone ran to around 2000 rs . The inevitable followed. Pressure to take off the broad band from my parents. So, there begin my journey. Following the red tape from my home, I was blessed with the gyaan of knowing the various departments in BSNL. And wat more, each was at different places. Landing at the accounts department at saidapet, I was directed to the information bureau at nungambakkam. The officer there was kind enough to make me come over for three days in order to verify my claims regarding the usage. With his letter I was directed to go back to saidapet office where I would get my corrected bill. The corrected bill doesn’t have bar codes and so has to be paid only at the customer care center at St.Thomas mount. Why do I sulk this much over a small error??
I have reasons. Coz the same error followed in my next month bill and the indefinete loop started again. All this inspite of my written request drawing their attention to the error.
The crowning glory was the statement of the officer at the information bureau when i went the second time( man , this must be named the mis information bureau!!) “u might be having the same error in your next bill also. Well do our best “ . Now that i have so much time at my disposal can I manage these tragedy of errors by BSNL. Wat about the parents of some NRI’s or office goers who take up these connections? Admitting and correcting their mistakes and avoiding mistakes in the first place has never been the forte of BSNL. And as I type this, I hear the postman . So got job at hand ppl. Gotta go.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Is rang de basanti just another film??

Reviews are a plenty all along the web about this wonderfully made movie
So no point in me reviewing the movie ..
It is a breather among the present films breaking all the clichés of a typical bollywood movie ishtyle.
The point is that one of my friends felt that there was no point in movies such as this for they are mere movies and the proposed solutions bear no relevance to the day to day life.
The story line of the movie gets impractical at some points like capturing the radio station and broad casting the message..agreed

But there is a ceiling to the realism that can prevail in any cinema and rang de basanti does a very neat job in this regard.
The underlying parameter here is that how effective is a movie of this kind in getting the audience attention towards it. (Cmon..Even god needs to be marketed these days in order to get attention)

For instance, we can compare the much hyped mangal pandey with this film in terms of being effective. Though mangal got its due attention , thanks to amir’s new found girl friend , the movie failed to have any impact on the audience. Commercialism over took mainstream cinema with amisha‘s item number being deliberately pushed in.

Not only did rang de basanti succeed in getting the audience attention, but it also clearly conveyed the message it intended to in a subtly loud manner. The aim of the story was to give the audience a jolt of the reality and not to propose a solution.

No body likes advise and this is a sugar coated pill..

So next time u feel u need a practical solution, why don’t u try an astrologer ???

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Lets get going...

I have never attached any importance to this one liner....

"More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin "

But today as iam typing this post after much deliberation, i wonder how true every word of this is...

I have been reading many of my frenz blogs in the recent times and was wondering..
Wat on earth makes them take so much time for each of these posts??

And today they all seem to mock at me as i delete and re type every word of this post not satisfied with the way it had shaped up...

On the lines of Mao-tse-tung
"Even a journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step"
Here iam starting with the first step.....

Seri seri appdi paakadha.... ippdi oru bulid up thevayannu kekkaradhu puriyudhu...

Enna pannradhu namma character appdi .....

Singammmlaaaaaaa !!!!!